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January 2011

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let me out!

remia in enjoytheshow

It's been a while since I posted to the community, hell been a while since anyone has. Was just wondering if anyone is still active on lj or not who is part of the community.

Myself, I'm no longer employed with a movie theater, after 10 years of working for a company I got laid off when they closed down a theater.....after being told 6 months prior if that was going to happen my job would be safe.

But hey, we deal with a lot of crap at the theater, but I discovered while working for a retail store during black friday is that it only prepares you for what could be, and makes it seem like nothing could be as bad as what you dealt with at the theater. So here's to all of us who have worked a movie theater, it'll prepare you for the future and make you appreciate working elsewhere!


I'm still kind of active on LJ. Usually I just read other people's posts rather than writing my own, though.

And I don't work for a theatre anymore either - it's been ooh, about 4 years since I left. Still fond memories, though <3
It had already been a decade since I had left the business when I found this community, but I loved reading it, and I've missed it. Thanks for prodding the sleeping beast! ;-)
It's been several years for me as well. I realized for me a lot of it was fairly chill. Sometimes I miss it?
I haven't worked in a theatre for 2 years, but my fiance runs one so I still keep in touch with that part of my life :)