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January 2011

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sillyness, ball balance

remia in enjoytheshow

So I know I am not the only one who has worked box office in the past. I just thought I would share some of the interesting...movie titles I have been asked for. Not all of them are current as I was waiting till I got a good nmber of them to post, but I seem to forget to write them down hald the time!

Anyway, on to the sharing!

1. Baby lone - for Babylon AD
2. Challenging - for Changling
3. Zero Zero 7 - for Quantum of Solace ( can understand saying double o 7, but not what they said!)
4. That Holiday Movie - they were refering to 4 Christmases, which thankfully at the time was the only holiday movie out right then
5. That Tyler Perry Movie - for Not Easily Broken which is a TD Jakes movie

I know I have had others in the past but they have been forgotten, these are just the few I have come across in the last few months.

I also hate it when we get calls asking "What's a good movie" or "What's a good scary movie". I seriously got the second one over Christmas when my theater had NO scary movies at all.


I had people calling our theater asking us "why the hell [we] don't have Batman!"

.....Sir, it's called The Dark Knight.

For realz.
"The one with that guy..." I've gotten that.

....I miss working at the movie theatre. D:
Best ever was for Hidalgo. We got such gold as "Hidlago" and "Hidildo."

I still hate Meet the Fockers. Everyone came up and asked for Meet the Fuckers.

A girl here also got asked for tickets to S A Three for Saw 2. (The poster kind of makes the W look like 3 in Roman Numerals?)
heh, that reminds me, I got hildalgo for hidalgo....*face palm*
My favorite one---

It was around 8 PM, Road to Perdition was the only movie about to start, when a mother came to the window with her young son and daughter. Her son had clearly prepared himself to be a big boy to tell the box office cashier (me) which movie they'd be seeing. He led the family to the window, looked me right in the eye, and blurted loudly:

That is really funny. I never worked in box. I did see something funny with titling though.

I also found it personally amusing when Jude Law came to the movie theater when he was in almost every picture. Narrating Lemony Snicket's, Alfie, Closer, among others. I forget them all. He settled on Ocean's 12. Yeah, that was back in 04...geeze. I wish I still worked at the movies sometimes.
I liked this one better!

one out of every 40 people is able to pronounce valkyrie correctly.

if you say 'they are all good.' they know you are lying and usually shut up
Oh, let's see . . . it's been many years since I've worked in a box office, but there were quite a few of these. If I could only remember them!

Had a guy ask what that movie "Happy Halloween" was about. Took me a minute to figure out he was asking about "Sleepy Hollow". Yeah, with the script they used on the mylar I can kinda see how you could get something sorta like "Happy Halloween" out of it, but jeez!

Waaaayyyyy back in the mid '90s there was a movie called "Andre". That got many variations. Andrew, Andy, Ander . . . more often wrong than right, really. You'd think that after the fame of Andre the Giant, more people would be able to figure that one out.

Probably the most confusing was the John Goodman movie "Matinee". Put that up on a marquee and people just keep asking what your matinee movie is!
Oh, I just remembered another one! A woman came up and asked for a ticket to "Prince of Tides". I was just a tad bit confused since this was in 1995 and that movie had come out in '91! After much confusion on both our parts, her friend walked up and told her, "We're seeing 'Crimson Tide'." Apparently, when they talked on the phone about meeting up for a movie, she had totally misunderstood what her friend had said! Now, I know we were a 'dollar house' and our movies weren't brand new . . . but we certainly weren't running four-year-old movies!
Back in '93, my theatre had been running Branagh's adaptation of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, and at this point in the run, newer movies opened and needed the marquee space, so we abbreviated it to the first two words.

As I feared, sure enough, a few people came asking what the movie MUCHADO was about, was it a Latino gang drama?
My best was Anal Flex for Aeon Flux.
Best one I've gotten?

"One ticket for Snoop Dogg please." (Slumdog Millionaire)

my co-worker in box almost died laughing.
A couple years ago I got a phone call from someone asking me if we had dirty old men. After a confused pause, I found out that they were asking about No Country for Old Men.

That's my favorite movie title mix-up, for sure.
i worked box during pirates of the caribbean, and got a lot of people asking for "pirates of the carrots and beans." my favorite, though (and one that i thought was mildly clever)- "unethical merchants of the southern seas."