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January 2011

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remia in enjoytheshow

I haven't posted in a while, but I thought I should share this picture....

I took this bulb out of a projector a few weeks ago...the only time I have ever put on ALL the saftey gear to change out a bulb....this one scared the crap outta me! And forgive the kinda crappy quality, I took this pic with my phone...

About a month before that I changed out a bulb that was also excessively cloudy, almost to the point of being black and had drops of the silver on the glass, but it at least wasn't blue like the front of this one was! And it was dead instead of barely showing on screen like this one was....


That bulb is win! I had one the wasn't quite that cloudy, but I was absolutely petrified of it exploding on me.

On opening day of "Seven Pounds," one of the gears in the back of our projector head gave way and so the feed and hold back sprockets weren't rotating at all. We couldn't even find which gear it was. Turns out the outer portion itself had been so chewed up that it had crumbled into pieces...
The one I had changed out a few weeks earlier was almost as dark as the back half of that bulb, but it had died completly rather then what this one was doing...which was barely producing enough light to be seen on screen. Looked like I was looking through a changeover that was closed with a tiny hole in it...

and damn, that sucks! We had an intermitent go out on us once...that was....fun to change out. Myself and my boss were both covered in projector oil by the time we got the old one out and the new one in. Timing the shutter was also a bitch!But at least now I know how to do it!