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January 2011

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___demure in enjoytheshow

this post isn't very current.

we had another projector mess up on us. something else burned on within the rectifier of one of our projectors. another usher b, the lame term for projectionists, called me over saying he smelled something burning. i couldn't figure out where it was coming from so i just blew it off and kinda didn't think about it for a second. then i remembered my previous encounter with the last projector that nearly caught fire. this time it was one of our christies instead of a cfs lamphouse. anyways i decide to opening up the door below the automation so take a look at the diodes. sure enough a transformer was smoking again. i turned it off immediatly but could not find a source of the problem. i opened up the opposite side and to my surprise saw massive amounts of burned wires, transformers, and circuit boards. all in all the entire rectifier had to be replaced.

a sad day in our theater when we had to close down our largest auditorium to do the repairs.

oh well. burning smell = bad.


I'm glad the only burning I smelled when I was projection was burning dust. Ahhh, dust.
Whenever our concessionists burn pop corn (which has become so often, it's an automatic write-up), it smells like projector 16 is smoking. You can imagine the panic of smelling smoke and not being able to find the fire!