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January 2011

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___demure in enjoytheshow

aka. spaceboygenius

we had a projector nearly catch fire due to our lame ass technician. i think anyone that works for cinemark knows how lame techs can be. our theaters especially since the guy only got the job because he's related to a higher up. well turns out he forgot to screw on a resistor properly on a projector causing it to make contact a transformer that supplies power to the lamp. i noticed a pretty bad flickering when i started the movie and asked another projectionist for help while i started another movie. before i knew what was going on my friend is yelling across the booth that #17 was smoking. we were able to fix the problem, but not before one of the four transformers on the power supply to become nice and crispy. funny thing is that the smoke vented into an auditorium across the hall not setting off any smoke alarms. :[ that's probably not a good thing considering there was a good amount of smoke in the auditorum.


My favorite tech screw up recently ironically affected my projector #17, too. Our tech wouldn't believe us when we said it was overheating too much and the coolant system must be busted.

He believed us after I told him to come out as the changeover had fused into the projector.
what a guy. we have a problem with us having to turn kill the power to the automation before every showing on the same projector. it has something to do with a relay, but replacing the faulty one is of no help. it may be a wiring problem but our tech is 'too busy' to worry about it since we are able to play the movie.
LMAO niiiiice!
ah, cinefart. The best circle jerk in town...
Woo hoo! Someone had a worse night than me! I had a belt break on an exhaust fan and lost a showing(in 2 auds!!) until we had time and spare hands to get to it ...

*hugs you in projectionist sympathy*
we had to replace the fan that cools the lamp once on a thursday night of all nights. we seem to have many bad nights. how many screens is your theater?
What kind of lamphouse do you use?
we have one digital christie projector, three christies ch40, two cfs 2200, and 11 cfs 2000. with simplex and century projector/sound heads.
I've got 20 screens. The issue with that is typically we only have one guy on shift unless it's a Thursday, and that one guy is running all 20 screens so there's a start almost every 5 mins on opposite ends of the building and it's fine ... until something goes wrong ....

The maintenance/facilities guy and maybe one or two managers know how to thread but typically I'm (or whoever's the projectionist) the only one in the building capable of starting movies ... sometimes it gets ugly.
that does sound pretty crappy.

our shifts are 11 to 6, 4 to 10, and 630 to 1.
thursday nights 11 to 6, 1 to 6, and two at 6 to close.
and only one of our managers knows how to thread properly, but only because he was an usher b for several years before being promoted.
Forgetting to screw on a resistor isn't the end of the world; everyone makes mistakes. But if your booth tech is really a bonehead with a history of issues like this and the one in your comment to lj_grnrngr, send an email to your RL. If he's no help, send an email to Phil Hacker.
well the resistor made contact with the the casing of the recifier causing it to burn a transformer. it wasnt quite the end of the world but it could have been had it actually caught fire. hes not a complete waste of time. he knows what hes doing most of the time its just getting him to do it is the problem.
Yeah, it's pretty amazing how different the cultures are between Century and Cinemark (now all Cinemark, but the alliances hold true). Century was extremely hardcore about booth/presentation issues.
from what i understand cinemark is adopting a lot of century policies.
That's what they've told us, also, but it's been slow going. Most of the Century carry-over I've seen so far comes down through the Food & Beverage dept., now headed up by Century's Bob Shimmin. Also, Cinemark will be adopting Century's cafeteria-style concession stands.

It's harder for me to see what's changing in Cinemark, though, because continuing to work in a former Century location I don't have a great vantagepoint.